I’m a designer researching relationships that we have with products but also, relationships that those products enable or disable us to have; this includes emotional durability,  value systems and consumption patterns. I want to understand what makes us feel fulfilled and map possibilities for more satisfying futures. I look at how environments, people, feelings, objects and materials come together through stories. My main focus is on what we wear.

I engage with speculative, critical design. Still, as much as I see myself as a ‘futurist’, I’m also a ‘presentis’ putting a conscious effort to stay with the trouble and appreciate the world as it appears to me now.

Feel free to get in touch at aniela.fw@yahoo.com.


1st Award
The Kering Awards
for Sustainable Fashion

Kering - Alexander McQueen x Centre for Sustainable Fashion

India is among the top 5 largest e-waste generators worldwide while only 5% of it is documented to be recycled. Project proposed that by connecting India’s first government authorised e-waste miner with the local craft community, Alexander McQueen brand could provide an opportunity for artisans to highlight and fight electronic waste issue with their own heritage and skills.

Pictured salamander is a prototype crafted entirely from discarted copper cables.

Made in collaboration with Hand & Lock

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