I’m a designer researching relationships that we have with products but also, relationships that those products enable or disable us to have; this includes emotional durability,  value systems and consumption patterns. I want to understand what makes us feel fulfilled and map possibilities for more satisfying futures. I look at how environments, people, feelings, objects and materials come together through stories. My main focus is on what we wear.

I engage with speculative, critical design. Still, as much as I see myself as a ‘futurist’, I’m also a ‘presentis’ putting a conscious effort to stay with the trouble and appreciate the world as it appears to me now.

Feel free to get in touch at aniela.fw@yahoo.com.



Dutch Design Week x Deezen | Oct 2020
Interview ’The New Intimacy - Stories of a Product’

Dutch Design Week #DDW20 | Oct 2020
Diamond Makers Lab included in Connected Living virtual tour

FutureLaboratory | Oct 2020
Luxury Hospitality Report 2020

ViewPoint Colour N. 8 | Sep 2020

Radical Sustainabilities | Aug 2020
Guest Speaker: LCF x Fashion Roundtable

Dezeen | Jun 2020
Article: Aniela Fidler envisions shop where sentimental objects are transformed into diamonds

Gdynia Design Days | Jun 2019
Guest Speaker: The sustainable innovation

Hand & Lock | Feb 2019

MODUAL | Aug 2019
Workshop Pod leader:
UAL x The Glasgow School of Art x Sommerset House

VOGUE PL | Dec 2018
Dla zrównoważonej mody nie ma już alternatywy

ELLE UK | Sep 2018
The Faces Of Fashion's Sustainable Future


1st Award | Dec 2018
Kering Awards for Sustainable Fashion x CSF