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Every garment has a story and I’m on board with the idea that every story you wear becomes your own, whether consciously or not. I documented my stream of consciousness from 50 days of self-isolation during covid-19 pandemic and made it into textile. It’s ugly, pretty, funny, silly, sad and happy in the same time. It is an attempt to employ my everyday emotional labour towards validating my thoughts by crafting them into a piece of emotional couture.

Fashion is a political tool and an important part of human validation. Identity, belief, and aspirations can all be expressed through clothing. Instead, we search ourselves in this idealistic and despotic fashion system first, without reflecting upon our desires - in my case integrity, openness, and love.

⁣⁣The age of social media has encouraged us to be more expressive, but also to prioritise consistent personal branding over organic human nature and the right to change. Humans are multifaceted and this strict narrative screws us up. In our increasingly homogenised and polarised world, we’ve been trained to believe that our non-linear feelings are a burden to others, and that only constant bliss is desirable. But it’s necessary to create a space for being honest with our emotions if we wish to better relate to one another. There is hope and beauty in our shared complexity. I speculate that suppressed emotional expression serves as the latest, most coveted form of authenticity, and one that can be explored through interaction with clothing, the ultimate form of self-projection to the world.


Diamonds are Whatever
| MA Fashion Futures

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'Diamond Makers' is a hybrid between a lab and a tailor-made retail experience. It exploits possibility coming from already existing science, which enables fabricating lab-grown diamonds from a wide selection of surprising sources.

Focus on origin allows the customer to choose the meaning and emotional significance that they want their diamond to have. Source is fully customisable and the selection process is designed to trigger personal reflection on values and following them desires.

Lab-grown diamonds grow under high temperature and pressure. They are formed from carbon which can be isolated from most of types of organic ash.

But maybe diamond is in fact ‘whatever’ or at least less significant than the meaning emerging from the source? What would be the value of the diamond made from the signature of the 'Diamonds' queen Rihanna vs diamond made from Notre Dame ash or your childhood teddy? What would those diamonds represent?


1st Award
The Kering Awards
for Sustainable Fashion

Kering - Alexander McQueen x Centre for Sustainable Fashion

India is among the top 5 largest e-waste generators worldwide while only 5% of it is documented to be recycled. Project proposed that by connecting India’s first government authorised e-waste miner with the local craft community, Alexander McQueen brand could provide an opportunity for artisans to highlight and fight electronic waste issue with their own heritage and skills.

Pictured salamander is a prototype crafted entirely from an old copper cables.

Made in collaboration with Hand & Lock


I completed MA Fashion Futures ‘20 at the London College of Fashion, UAL, where I was awarded a distinction.

Currently, I’m assisting Knowledge Exchange Team at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion (UAL).

            Instagram @aniela_fidler

t: +48 7874 013 923

‘The scarcest resource is not oil, metals, clean air, capital, labour, or technology. It is our willingness to listen to each other and learn from each other and to seek the truth rather than seek to be right’
- Donatella Meadows


Radical Sustainabilities | Aug 2020
Guest Speaker: LCF x Fashion Roundtable

Gdynia Design Days | Jun 2019
Guest Speaker: The sustainable innovation

MODUAL | Aug 2019
Workshop Pod leader:
UAL x The Glasgow School of Art x Sommerset House


1st Award | Dec 2018
Kering Awards for Sustainable Fashion x CSF